There was a time when life was simpler. Black or white, dark or light, good or evil…

But these were old times. Times when Hazar was not yet born!

  • Characters


    A 12-year old who is ambitious to become a good Trustee, or more precisely, a great hero, by which he believes he can earn people’s love and respect. Although no one know anything about his dark side, many people stay away from Hazar because they feel that he is “different”. Hazar holds Rakyail in considerable respect as he has been taken under the master’s wings. Hazar is also moody. A few compliments or encouraging words may snap him out of his blues and turn him into a jovial fellow

  • Hazar Characters


    The charming daughter of the king of the city of Ninova. Her father has trained her as a warrior. Kali has dedicated her life to being a Trustee. Behind her beauty lies a masculine personality. As the only daughter of the king, Kali is pampered a bit. But she is a different person deep in her heart: Kali helps beloved ones no matter what!

  • Characters


    A former great hero and legendary master of Trustees who resigned from Trusteeship and exiled himself to a solitary life in the desert after a mistake on duty. He has a cape on, which he never takes off. The worn cape is very precious to him as it reminds him of that dreadful mistake. Undaunted and fearless, Kamer agrees to become visible, though unwillingly, only to train Hazar.

  • Hazar Characters


    The evil incarnate. Once Grand Master’s hand on earth, he succumbs to his ego and starts to believe that he is the master of the world. After his disappointment, he falls victim to his own darkness. His only ambition is to rule the world. He plans not only the next move but also the distant future no one else can make designs for. Abigor has a faithful following, but he is faithful to no one, save himself.

  • Hazar Characters


    An elderly wise man. He is the leader of the Trustees, yet he is not the least self-pompous. He is calm and quiet. He always keeps Ariba, his staff, with him. Ariba is also his weapon. Rakyail dotes on Hazar because he has reared him and hidden the power inside Hazar from everyone. He sometimes has to sacrifice a bit too much to keep Hazar’s secret hidden, which causes his occasional erratic behavior. He trusts and believes people, and he never gives up hope on them despite being let down at times.

  • Hazar Characters


    Adopted by the exiled Abigor as a little girl and brought up as a hater of people and Trustees. Mara is Hazar’s mother. She is very faithful to Abigor. She is more powerful than other Erz because she has been trained by Abigor. She is extremely sly and is a good actor, as evidenced by her ability to conceal her past with the Trustees and the fact that she is an Erz. Her dress has roses on it. These roses are weapons that can become sharper than a sword.

Berkan Urgen

M.Bengi Midyat

Osman Beitualliev

Brian Keane

Show Director:
Anees MeeraSahib

Animation Studio:
Lumicel Animation Studios

Post Production:
Guclu Koseli (Chicago Visual)

Sound Effects :
Jeff Frez-Albrecht

Cast & Crew

Voicing Director:

Yung-I Chang

Joe Rodriguez 

Carrie Savage

Ken Spassione 

Mike Pollock

Daniel J. Edwards

John Fitzgibbon 

Daniel J. Edwards


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